Our Services

The investment and planning challenges faced by our clients do not lend themselves to common solutions. The TWP Private Wealth Management group is comprised of a hand-selected team of seasoned professionals who understand the unique requirements of high-net-worth clients. Our business is relationship-focused. We help our clients hedge, monetize, and exit positions to diversify and seek to preserve capital. This requires considerable planning and strategy. Therefore, we take a personalized and comprehensive approach to develop customized, diversified portfolios.

  • Brokerage Services
    • Restricted securities transactions (Rule 144 and Rule 145)
    • Restricted collateral loans
    • 10b5-1 Sales Plans development and execution
    • Hedging and monetization transactions
  • Tax and Estate Planning Strategies
    • Pre-IPO and pre-M&A tax planning
    • Implementation of estate planning objectives
    • Sophisticated gifting strategies and vehicles to accomplish charitable goals
    • Tax-efficient exercise of executive stock options
  • Investment Management Consulting
    • Strategic asset allocation
    • Manager evaluation and selection
    • Open architecture platform in traditional long-only and alternative asset classes
    • Customized portfolio strategies for unique client needs
    • Ongoing portfolio evaluation and review
  • Alternative Investments
    • Access to hedge fund-of-funds, direct hedge funds, and private investments
    • Wide variety of strategies and ongoing sourcing of new investments
  • Corporate Client Services
    • Corporate Cash Management
    • Corporate Repurchase Plans
    • Venture Services

A successful investment program is the product of thoughtful planning and continuous oversight. While investment trends come and go, we advise our clients to be disciplined and methodical in their investment approach.

  • Construct portfolios designed to balance return, risk, and liquidity parameters based on each client's unique needs. 
  • Take a holistic view of a client's overall position.
  • Utilize an open architecture platform covering traditional long-only equity and fixed income as well as alternative asset classes.
  • Source product in a wide variety of asset classes and from multiple sources (e.g., firm and industry 
    contacts, clients, consultant). Continually assess new options that may add value in client portfolios.
  • Provide a full suite of services, from strategic asset allocation to comprehensive performance and risk reporting.
  • Manager search, due diligence, and ongoing monitoring supported by Rocaton Investment Advisors, 
    a premier investment consulting firm advising over $300 billion in assets.


Managing the Investment Process

Why TWP Private Wealth Management?

  • Use of independent investment managers offers quality and helps to ensure objectivity
  • Access best-in-class separate account management, mutual funds, index products, and alternative investments
  • Concentrate on the unique needs of substantial institutional and private investors
  • Employ an unwavering commitment to integrity and personalized service



Stifel  is not affiliated with Rocaton Investment Advisors. Investment products and services are offered through TWP Private Wealth Management, a Division of Stifel.

Diversification and asset allocation do not assure a profit and may not protect against loss. Neither TWP Private Wealth Management nor Stifel provides legal or tax advice. You should consult with your legal and tax advisors regarding your particular situation.